9 Second Chip Fix Snow White


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Perfect for use on 6mm (1/4″) damage on gelcoat, fiberglass, plastic and aluminium in just one application. Also, it is built with revolutionary nano-technology, because of this, it is guaranteed to last more than 3 years.

It’s unique formula delivers structural grade adhesion and penetrates deep into the cells of the damage. As well as this, it provides customers with ultra-tough grip, durability, and flexibility to absorb shock and prevent further damage to the surface.

Furthermore, our chip fix contains high elasticity for increased durability. Suited for both structural and cosmetic repairs to help stop the damage from spreading.

MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is available in the below colours, allowing you to find the perfect match for your vessel.

83-200100 – Matterhorn White
83-200101 – Snow White
83-200102 – Oyster White
83-200103 – Cream
83-200105 – Forest Green
83-200106 – Strawberry
83-200107 – Burgundy
83-200108 – Royal Blue
83-200109 – Navy
83-200110 – Midnight

For a pro quality repair on plastic and aluminium surfaces, make sure to use our MagicEzy Mega Fusion first. After this, you can then apply our 9 Second Chip Fix on the damaged area.


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