Steering Helm To Use M58 Steering Cable Ultraflex T67 90 Degree Bezel For Up To 55HP Outboard Supplied With Bezel Kit


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For use with outboard engines up to 40kw (55hp), with the exception of EVINRUDE E-TEC 50 for which the use of T85 or T71FC is recommended.

Features and Technical Specification All stainless steel output end of cable as per ABYC P17 safety standards

Corrosion resistant materials

Standard Friction externally adjustable.

90° Black bezel

Four optional helm positions to facilitate steering cable installation

Lock-to-Lock steering wheel turns: Approx. 2.5

Stroke: 230mm

Maximum allowable steering wheel diameter: 380mm (15")

Minimum steering cable bend radius: 200mm (7.9")

Exceeds EN 29775 safety standards.


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