Steering System


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T71FC,T72FC,T73NRFC,T74NRFC Steering Systems

Common features:

Planetary Gear Design.

Particularly suitable where clearance is limited.

All stainless steel cable output ends as per ABYC safety standards.

Made exclusively in corrosion resistant materials.

Optional 90° or 20° installation.

Standard 3/4" tapered shaft.

Maximum steering wheel diameter: 406mm (16").

Stroke: 228mm (9").

Minimum steering cable bend radius 200mm (7.9").

Maximum operating load at the tiller end:3300N (340kg; 750lbs).

Should not be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the max horsepower rating of the boat.

For boats faster than 50mph the twin cable steering system is recommended.

Exceeds ABYC P17 & EN 28848 safety standards.



Planetary Gear Design

Patented non reversible mechanism

Compact rotary helm unit

The non-reversible steering helm eliminates the continuous load

on the operator caused by the propeller torque making steering easy and safe.

Ideal for outboards and surfacing propellers.


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