Wessex Chemicals Teak Sealer 500ml


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Wessex Teak Sealer is an emulsion-based sealer containing a high quality tung oil. On application it is absorbed into the wood and brings out the natural colour. Over time the sealer forms cross links which means it lasts longer and provides better resistance to stains, mould/mildew and moisture. Wessex Teak Sealer also contains an innovative UV Protector that protects teak from the effects of the sun. The protector absorbs UV rays which helps to maintain the colour of the wood. Once treated wood is dried, the appearance will be maintained for at least 12 months.

BENEFITS • Absorbs into wood & brings out the natural colour. • Overtime forms cross links for longer life and resistance to staining. • Contains no pigment. • Contains a UV Protector to reduce UV damage. • Protects against mould/mildew, moisture & colour loss.


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