Life Jacket Typhoon Childs 100N Lime Yellow 10-20kg


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A 100N category junior lifejacket from Plastimo for a child from 10-20 kg. The jacket's self-righting capacity keeps the child's head well out of the water. Buoyancy is provided by the jacket's polyethylene foam and is higher than the minimum required by official standards (transcends minimum requirements by 30 %).

The lime yellow jacket has a large roll-around buoyant collar, providing added comfort and improved head support. It has a zip closure and adjustable waist belt with a plastic clip, as well as a hem tightening drawstring for a snug fit.

• Child's weight: 10-20 kg

• Age (as a guide only*): Child 2 – 5 years

*The child's weight is considered by the regulation as the criteria serving as a basis for buoyancy per size. The age indication is given as a guide only.


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