Easy Fill Safety Spout
Easy Fill Safety Spout
Ref: BB3181

 No Overfilling
 No Spills
 Spout Includes Filter
 Fits 99% of 5 And 10 Litre Plastic Fuel Containers
Helps toPrevents dangerous and expensive spillages when pouring from a can into a tank
Easy-Fill spout fits 99% of all 5 litre plastic cans

The Easy-Fill Multi-use safety spout is a 100% British invention.
They are designed, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Stops spills, waste and saves money
Automatically stops flow when tank is full
Reversible collar, will fit plastic cans with an outside diameter of 36/42mm
Suitable for commercial, marine, residential and vehicle applications
Easy-Fill safety spout can be used with:
Screen wash
Cleaning chemicals

Price: 5.43 (Including VAT at 20%)